Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Race round

Well the Kalgoorlie Cup is over (though it should be more like the Perth Cup coz half of Perth was here). It was very cool and we all had lots of fun. I won $28. My teaching assistant told me her tactics were to bet on all horses that sounded royal, so I did, and won.

Faction carnival was today. I bought myself a red school faction shirt and cheered my team on. 6 hours standing out in the sun is not very fun though. I went in the teacher/student tug of war and the final relay. I haven't run that fast for years but a massive year 7 with long legs beat me :)

Taking all the year 3s on a bbq tomorrow (yeah a bit mental of me- 4 classes to organise) so that'll be another massive day but the kids love it so that's what I'm supposed to do.

Heading back to Perth this Saturday for Boy from Oz on Sunday night with Frances- should be cool.

I'll be in town for a week of 2 depending on when I get over it and want to come home.Our back lawn here currently looks like a rain forest due to absolutely massive weeds so I really should get on to that one day. Lucky we haven't had a rent inspection yet.

Ok that's the end of my report. See you all later.