Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Race round

Well the Kalgoorlie Cup is over (though it should be more like the Perth Cup coz half of Perth was here). It was very cool and we all had lots of fun. I won $28. My teaching assistant told me her tactics were to bet on all horses that sounded royal, so I did, and won.

Faction carnival was today. I bought myself a red school faction shirt and cheered my team on. 6 hours standing out in the sun is not very fun though. I went in the teacher/student tug of war and the final relay. I haven't run that fast for years but a massive year 7 with long legs beat me :)

Taking all the year 3s on a bbq tomorrow (yeah a bit mental of me- 4 classes to organise) so that'll be another massive day but the kids love it so that's what I'm supposed to do.

Heading back to Perth this Saturday for Boy from Oz on Sunday night with Frances- should be cool.

I'll be in town for a week of 2 depending on when I get over it and want to come home.Our back lawn here currently looks like a rain forest due to absolutely massive weeds so I really should get on to that one day. Lucky we haven't had a rent inspection yet.

Ok that's the end of my report. See you all later.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am alive

Yes boys and girls I am alive. I don't spend much time sitting in front of the computer though (I told the taxman 90% of my computer time was for school :)).
Race round is coming people. I expect to see everybody here. It's on Saturday Sept 16. Which means you have to wrangle half a day off on Friday so you'll be here for the actual day of Sat. I'll be in Perth this weekend to find a dress. A whirlwind tour of duty but if anyone's interested in dinner on Sat that would be cool. Ok that's it. Ta ta.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mid-term break

Wow I haven't posted in a while, totally not as dedicated as Michelle. Michelle are you aware you write like a news reporter? :)

Well last weekend we all trekked down to Esperance again to enjoy a weekend away (Oh know, reporter syndrome is contagious). We stayed in a unit appartment thing that sleeps 8 people (we had 10). Was pretty cool. All 10 of us never really coordinated our movements though due to some people thinking the holiday was for lazing on a the couch and others (myself included) thought it was about going out and dancing :) trying to meet hot boys.

There is a distinct lack of hot boys in Kal now. I asked one of the school of mines boys why all the guys weren't out anymore like they were at the begining and he said that they all had girlfriends now or couldn't be bothered anymore. HELLO!!!!!! hot single chicks everywhere, well there's a few. Bit scared Orin and I have missed the boat and have to wait for the new recruits next year (more 22 year olds damn it). Hopefully there's new ones next semester but I doubt it. Bummer. Well I'll stop the banter before it turns into a newspaper article.


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Holidays are over

Well as the title suggests, school holidays are now over. I've actually done quite a lot including camping and the Kalgoorlie speedway...watching boys trying to burst their tyres by creating as muh smoke as possible doesn't really do it for me.
Spent way too much money in Perth on clothes and eating out. I actually wanted to come back to Kalgoorlie which was strange/scary, but everyone did apart from those who left boyfriends in the city :)
I've been teaching full time for half a year now including West Morley- whoah.
Ok, that's all, not a mega blogger, ciao.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The PurplePeople Eater

Friday was our assembly day and I dressed my children up in rubbish bags. I think they look cute anyway. The sung the purple people eater quite well and actually behaved themselves which was excellent!

School finishes in 2 weeks. I've booked the train for Good Friday so I'll be home before you know it.

Met a new boy. Lucas didn't message me back- apparently this is common among Kalgoorlie boys :) The new one's name is Xavier. He's totally country boy which I think is hilarious. He's a complete idiot on the dance floor (trying to dance the Jive with me whilst nearly ripping of my arm or flinging me accross the room) but he's really funny. He has the most ridiculour laugh though which is not a good thing when he spends so much time doing it :) He's not Mr Right but could be fun for a while- we'll see. My plan is to go with the flow wherever it takes me- That's why Lucas is gone.

Ok, no more news.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kalgoorlie happenings

Well not all that much has been happening here. I'm half way through week 8 already- still 3 and a half weeks to go though til holidays. All is going well, spending weekends full of socialising and dancing. Met a new boy but we'll see how that all pans out later- too early for any goss :) Joined a gym- only been 4 times but hey that fully counts! Here is a photo of some of my little muffins. It's a shame they look so cute and innocent- they are really not.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The long weekend

Orin (my housemate) and I went to Esperance for the long weekend. A very pretty place. Too bad this damn blog doesn't like posting more than 1 picture at a time. We left Kal on Friday night so we got 2 and a half days to go swimming and visit Le Grande national park. We didn't want to leave. There were so many cool beaches. It only takes 4 hours from Kal so totally worth it. Ok, won't rant on. Hope all you Perthites had fun in the heat on the weekend :)


me in Esperance at Lucky Bay